RV Camper For A Cause

Camp Fire – Butte County CA – Fire Victim Relief

We have purchased a travel trailer for a family impacted by the Camp Fire that burned through Butte County California, practically destroying the town of Paradise. This family lost both of their homes on one property in Centerville, a small unincorporated area just outside of Paradise.  They have cleaned the house pads and re-established utilities and are now in need of temporary housing while they recover and rebuild. Their kids’ schools survived the fires, so staying on their lot will allow them to keep them in their schools and maintain a level of normalcy for the family.


This is the camper that we have obtained. Once we collect some much needed supplies and the weather provides an adequate opening for travel, Ed will be delivering the trailer and supplies to the family.

If you would like to assist us with this effort, please consider donating to the cause. The money received will go towards the cost of the camper, gas for the drive down and any other supplies needed that can be purchased with the funds raised.  You can donate online via paypal clicking the donation link below or come down to the shop to make your donation in person. We are hoping to raise enough funds by this weekend to enable us to stock the camper and van with necessary supplies this weekend before the trip down. We truly thank you for your support!



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  1. Tracy, we have a volunteer that is going to shop for household supplies for the camper like dishes, pots/pans, utensils, towels, linens and blankets. If you would like to donate some of those specific items, contact me at shop or email to ed@camasbikes.com so we are not duplicate on items, or you can donate cash here on this link or drop off at shop..thanks!

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