Local Adopt A Family

You probably have seen by now that we have adopted a family that was affected by the California fires; but we have also adopted a local family in need of support this holiday season. The family was assigned to us by Radiant Church. We will be looking for help from friends and customers that would like to contribute, it is a single mom with 7 kids, so will need help for sure! If you would like to help us help this local family effort, we have ornament tags listed with needed items for all the kids in the family, you can come grab one and then bring back the gift and we look to deliver them before Christmas! 

Family wish list:
Girl 7; LOL Dolls, clothes, gift cards
Girl 9; anything sports, gift card for clothes, tablet, basketball hoop
Girl 10; crafting kits, fashion stuff, tablet
Girl 12; clothes, ear rings, gift card for clothes, shoes
Girl 16; make up, clothes, gift cards for Ross, or Burlington, jewelry
Girl 17; gift cards any store
Boy 19 Gift card for clothes
…cash can always be donated and we could do the shopping!
I am trying to find out what to Mom needs, will post if I find out

We will take all collections at the shop and pile them under the tree until delivery…I have something special hopefully planned for that you may be able to be a part of! If you are donating, please have your donations delivered to the shop by Friday so that we can do any additional shopping that is needed and deliver everything to the family this weekend. Thank you for any support you can offer in making a great holiday for this family!

A huge thank you to all those that have already supported these efforts, we could not do it without you!

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