Update – RV Camper For A Cause

Mission accomplished! For those that did not see the updates on the trailer delivery via Facebook, Ed and Jeff Paul delivered the trailer on 12/19/2018, the trip down went very smoothly.  After first meeting with the family at the Chico DMV to transfer ownership, they were able to deliver the trailer right before nightfall, it was placed on the house pad where their home once sat. They did not get much time to take a look around as it got dark quickly, but the devastation was very real and evident, the recent rains and flooding there left the roads in shambles. On the canyon roads and communities they drove thru to get to the families property, it was amazing to see the random destruction.  The fires took a few homes, then you’d see a couple that didn’t even look touched, then back to piles of debris where houses once stood. It really gave Ed flashbacks to the fire’s in 1993 when he worked in Malibu, the same thing happened where floods would come in soon after and reek further havoc on the area. In the end, the camper is now helping the family live on the property and rebuild, and it felt like we did the right thing for the right people!

None of this could been accomplished without all the support and contributions from so many that rallied around the cause. Thank you so much, and again a big thanks to Jeff Paul for the assistance on the trailer delivery!

Along with the trailer and much needed supplies, we were also able to provide the grand-kids with new bikes for Christmas to replace their lost ones. They were super excited and thrilled to be riding again!


More recently we received an update from the family showing us the progress on how they are setting up the RV for the long term while they prepare to rebuild. They have put up a covered area to provide more protection from the rains.


It will take some time to recover and rebuild, we wish them all the best in their recovery moving forward.

When tragedy strikes we often want to help and it can feel overwhelming not knowing where to start or if your efforts will even matter – they do.  It reminds me of the starfish story.

sea shells with sand as background


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